Passive customer feedback with acoustic analysis

Acoustic smart sensors and predictive A.I. passively measure customer satisfaction and detect emotions & events fully autonomously and continuously from 100% of guests.

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Viqal's acoustic smart sensors

A digital twin of your physical spaces

Our privacy friendly smart sensors can be placed at any area in your hotel, e.g. checkin desks, meeting rooms, banqueting or the restaurant area. Create a digital twin of your physical spaces that enables you to personalize the guest experience, prevent issues and never miss an opportunity to upsell.

Customer satisfaction

Acoustic smart sensors & emotional A.I. constantly measure the emotional state and satisfaction level of all of your guests. Predict what type of review a guest will leave and act before they leave your venue. Our solution requires zero effort from the guest thereby covering nearly 100% of the customer population. That means you get insightful customer intelligence without any hassle and without bothering your guests.

        Viqal's guest emotion detection and satisfaction analytics panel
        Viqal can detect events such as breaking glass or cutlery falling.

        Event detection

        Our acoustic smart sensors instantly detect situations that ask for recovery to keep your guests satisfied. Viqal can detect events in your hotel like, for for instance, breaking glass, cutlery falling on the floor or specific charateristic sounds people make, like laughing or a baby that is crying.

              Automatically activate your staff

              Staff receives alerts based on guest behaviour and event detection. Alerts can be sent to any existing system or Viqal also provides an easy to use app for staff to receive alerts on. The app can be downloaded on a smartphone or smartwatch (Android 8.0, Wear OS 3.5 or higher). We recommend using smartwatches for ease of use and effectiveness.

                    Viqal real-time alerts to activate staff for quick service recovery