10 Upselling Ideas for Business Hotels

Unlocking Revenue Potential While Catering to the Modern Business Traveler in 2024

Unlocking Revenue Potential While Catering to the Modern Business Traveler in 2024
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Bram Haenraets
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April 7, 2024
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Upselling is a crucial strategy for business hotels looking to enhance guest experience while boosting revenue. This blog post explores the top 10 upselling ideas that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of business travelers, ensuring both satisfaction and increased profitability.

Room Upgrades

Offer guests the chance to upgrade to premium rooms or suites. Highlight the benefits such as more space, better views, or access to exclusive lounge areas. Make it seamless, possibly right at check-in or through pre-arrival emails.

Meeting and Conference Facilities

Offer access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms and conference facilities equipped with the latest technology for presentations, video conferences, and business gatherings. Example: Reservation access to fully-equipped meeting spaces with flexible room layouts, catering services, and on-site technical support.

Express Check-In and Check-Out Services

Implement a streamlined process for check-in and check-out to save time for business travelers, such as digital kiosks, mobile app functionalities, or dedicated lanes for express service. Example: A mobile app that allows guests to check in or out while en route from the airport, including digital room key issuance.

Business Concierge Services

Provide a dedicated business concierge who can assist with arranging meetings, sourcing office supplies, or making last-minute travel adjustments. Example: A concierge service that can arrange for courier services, printing and binding presentations, or setting up a last-minute conference call.

Virtual Concierge for Hotels

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Breakfast and Room-Service Options

Suggest breakfast upgrades or exclusive room service menus for those late-night work sessions. Include healthy options, local specialties, or quick grab-and-go meals.

Fitness and Wellness Options

Offer 24/7 access to fitness facilities and wellness options that cater to travelers' schedules, including gym facilities, lap pools, or in-room fitness equipment. Example: Round-the-clock gym access and the option for guests to have in-room yoga mats, resistance bands, and an on-demand library of workout videos.

Laundry and Ironing Services

Provide rapid laundry and ironing services to ensure guests can always have their business attire ready at a moment's notice. Example: A two-hour express laundry service, enabling guests to have their clothing cleaned, ironed, and delivered back to them in time for their next meeting.

Office Supply Kits

Offer complimentary office supply kits in rooms or upon request, including items like pens, notepads, staplers, and printer paper. Example: An 'Office Essentials' pack available upon request, featuring a selection of office supplies to cover basic needs, along with the option to request additional items as needed.

Networking Events

Host networking events or social hours for business travelers to connect, exchange ideas, or unwind. These events can be industry-specific or open to all guests looking for professional networking opportunities. Example: A monthly 'Business Mixer' event in the hotel lounge, offering a casual setting for guests to network, featuring guest speakers from various industries.

Customized Local Experiences

Business travelers may have limited free time. Offer curated local experiences that fit into their tight schedules, such as guided tours, tickets to cultural events, or reservations at sought-after restaurants.

Implementing these upselling strategies not only enhances the guest experience but also contributes to the hotel's bottom line. The key is to communicate these options effectively and conveniently, making it easy for guests to see the value and take advantage of the offers during their stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I effectively offer room upgrades to business travelers?

To effectively offer room upgrades, communicate the value of the upgrade early and seamlessly, such as through targeted pre-arrival emails or at check-in with a personal touch. Highlight the benefits that matter most to business travelers, like additional space for working, premium Wi-Fi, access to business lounges, and superior views for relaxation. Training front desk staff to recognize opportunities for upselling and providing them with the tools to do so can significantly increase uptake rates.


What should I include in my hotel’s meeting and conference facilities to attract business guests?

Ensure your meeting and conference facilities are equipped with high-speed internet, the latest AV technology, flexible room layouts, and onsite technical support. Offering comprehensive catering services and customizable room setups can also add value. Consider creating packages that include not just the room but also breakout areas, refreshments, and technical support. Highlighting these offerings in your marketing materials and through direct communication with potential business guests can help attract them to your hotel.


How can I implement express check-in and check-out services?

Implementing express check-in and check-out services requires investing in the right technology, such as a hotel management software that supports mobile check-in/out, digital room keys, virtual concierge services like Viqal, and possibly, self-service kiosks in the lobby. Offering these services can significantly enhance the guest experience for business travelers who value efficiency and convenience.