Optimize the guest experience in your restaurant...

...with the future of guest feedback.
Control your restaurant environment and optimize margins.

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The future of guest feedback

High coverage

For the first time, it's now possible to find out how all of your guests feel about your business. Not just the ones leaving a review.

Passive & unbiased

No surveys, no emails. Using new smart technology, you can measure the mood without any necessary action from guests.

Control ambience

Optimize factors that influence the guest experience, e.g. music, temperature, lighting, scents or your staff and improve your KPI's.

Take control over your restaurant environment

How you control your restaurant environment today

How you control your restaurant environment with Viqal

What is the performance of your restaurant?
76% of restaurateurs have no clear answer.

Future-proof guest feedback

Insight in and control over hospitality performance for management is limited and existing alternatives are suboptimal


Online review scrapers

Feedback buttons

Mystery guests

Guest sentiment

High volume feedback

Fully automated

No guest action needed

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