The Future of Customer Feedback for Hospitality

Passively measure emotional behaviour, guest satisfaction and detect events in real-time with privacy-friendly acoustic analysis

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Viqal's acoustic smart sensors

Acoustic smart sensors and A.I. measure emotional behaviour, guest satisfaction and detect events

Utilize smart sensors and A.I. to automatically collect customer satisfaction data from 100% of guests continuously, all the time. The sensors are also capable of detecting specific events, such as cutlery falling or glass breaking. By leveraging A.I., evaluate guest satisfaction, anticipate purchasing behavior, and promptly inform your staff in real-time.

If you have hardware already available with acoustic detection capabilities (e.g. restaurant tablets for ordering), our software can be installed there without the need to purchase any sensors.

Fewer guest complaints
Increase in upselling
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What Viqal does for you

Service recovery
Real-time & passive feedback allow for pro-active and swift issue resolution
Review predictions
Predict the star ratings that guests are likely to leave and attend to them during their stay
Response time
With instant notifications about detected events, staff can respond more efficiently.

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What makes Viqal different

Predictive analytics
We are A.I. experts bringing predictive analytics to hospitality.
100% coverage
Viqal requires zero effort, thereby covering 100% of customers.
Fully Autonomous
Integrations, smart sensors and A.I. does all the heavy lifting for you.
Real-time actionable
Real-time alerts to a staff app on wearables or existing systems.
Personalized experience
Your staff will be able to promptly respond to individual issues.
Data collection & privacy
Act with confidence, utilizing privacy-conscious, first-party data.