Virtual Concierge for Hotels

Save time for staff and increase upsell revenue

A.I. automation from conversation to PMS data entry

WhatsApp guest communication in 130+ languages

Virtual Concierge for hotels automates simple guest inquiries and autonomously personalizes each guest interaction from pre-arrival to post-departure.

Automate guest communication:
Save time, cut costs.

Automate 80% of hotel guest inquiries utilizing conversational A.I. and WhatsApp.

Boost upsell revenue.

Delight your hotel guests with automated personal recommendations and elevate revenue per booking.

24/7 service, the entire guest journey.

A Virtual Concierge alleviates your staff and delights your guests from before arrival until after departure.

Concierge Virtual for hotels automates from pre arrival to post departure

Your guests love convenience

Whatsapp has the highest opening rates of any communication channel.

WhatsApp has 98% message open rates, therefore you are ensured of swift and efficient guest communication, simplifying how guests receive answers, modify bookings, and manage reservations or online check-ins and check-outs. Our Virtual Concierge Technology operates around the clock, automatically engaging with guests from pre-arrival through post-departure, markedly easing the staff's workload.

Viqal's Virtual Concierge in a Whatsapp interface. The leading hotel chatbot.

Customizable A.I. and button flow

Enhance guest experience with our Online Concierge for hotels.

Our online concierge for hotels will give intelligent and human-like answers, but it allows customization to configure the system for specific inquiries while directing more complex needs to human staff, thus ensuring a personalized and efficient guest experience.

Try our free demo

After signing up for the demo, our Virtual Concierge will initiate a chat directly in your WhatsApp where you can ask it any question.

Virtual Concierge Demo

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Our virtual concierge service makes a two-way integration with PMS, CRM, and CRS systems, offering a unified solution for superior guest service and streamlined hotel management.

Integrate Viqal’s Virtual Concierge for hotels.

Key benefits

Save Time & Costs

Automate routine guest inquiries with 60%. By automating routine guest inquiries, staff can redirect their efforts towards tasks that require a human touch, optimizing workforce productivity.

More upsell revenue

Increase revenue per booking by up to 6%. Viqal’s up-selling enriches guest stays and drives increased revenue through personalized service offerings.

Happier Staff

Ease staff workload, reduces staff burnout and reduce staff turnover by automating repetitive tasks, leading to happier, more engaged employees.

Guest Satisfaction

Enables seamless, natural interactions for guests, improving their experience by providing immediate, precise assistance and personalized service.


Hotels are empowered to tailor their guest interactions to perfection. Staff can seamlessly take over chats when needed, striking a balance between automation and personal touch.


Keep track of messages automated and messages handled by staff. Know how much time you saved and how much up-sells the concierge made for you.

Set up within 1 hour

Set up of your virtual concierge is designed to be quick and straightforward, allowing hotels to integrate the system within 1 hour.

How it works

Onboarding and login

Ensure a smooth setup. Our onboarding expert can provide guidance and login credentials for your Viqal account. Get started here.

Connect WhatsApp Business

Link your Meta Business account to Viqal so guests can interact with your verified hotel name with green checkmark on WhatsApp. This ensures authenticity and trust for your guests.

Connect your PMS

Connect Viqal to your property management system. This integration ensures the concierge system has access to real-time data and can function seamlessly.

Personalize your Concierge

Customize tailored responses to meet specific guest inquiries and define boundaries for queries best handled by your team. Elevate service precision and maintain the personal touch.

Step 5


Conduct a test run to ensure everything is working correctly. This step involves checking the system's responsiveness and accuracy in handling typical guest interactions and inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a virtual concierge for hotels?

A virtual concierge for hotels is a guest-facing technology that, powered by artificial intelligence, provides assistance to hotel guests. It functions similarly to personal assistant technologies like Siri or Alexa, but is tailored specifically for the hospitality industry.

It operates through various digital platforms such as mobile applications, hotel websites, or in-room technologies, offering services like restaurant reservations, activity bookings, and providing information about the hotel and local area. 

This AI concierge is available 24/7, ensuring guests have access to assistance whenever they need it, thus contributing to a more personalized and seamless stay.


What services can a virtual concierge provide to hotel guests?

A virtual concierge, such as the one provided by Viqal, offers a comprehensive range of services to hotel guests. It can automate up to 80% of guest inquiries using conversational AI through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. 

This includes handling routine questions, booking changes, and check-ins directly from the guest chat to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). The concierge software is designed for ease of use, guiding guests through options quickly with an easy-to-use button flow. Additionally, it can boost upsell revenue by providing automated personal recommendations and elevating revenue per booking.


How can virtual concierges contribute to a hotel’s brand and reputation?

Virtual concierges can significantly contribute to a hotel’s brand and reputation by enhancing guest satisfaction and providing a modern, personalized service experience. They offer guests better tools to ask questions and resolve problems quickly, leading to faster issue resolution and an improved guest experience. 

Not only do they solve problems, but digital concierges also enhance the guest experience by offering recommendations and providing convenient services like restaurant or spa reservations


How long does the implementation take?

Less than 1 hour. If Viqal is already integrated with your Property Management System (PMS), the setup can be completed in less than an hour. For hotels requiring new PMS integration, please allow an additional 2-4 weeks. Our team ensures a smooth transition so you can quickly start enhancing your guest service experience.


Do I need a PMS integration?

No, Viqal's Virtual Concierge system can operate without a PMS integration. However, this limits some functionality. For optimal performance, integrating with your PMS is recommended.


Can Viqal integrate with my existing hotel systems?

Yes, Viqal is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of hotel systems and platforms, including PMS. This ensures a cohesive and efficient operational flow. If your specific PMS is not listed yet, please make a request and we can initiate the integration process.