Predictive customer analytics for hotels & restaurants

Effortless & real-time.
Powered by smart sensors and emotional A.I.

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Increase staff productivity

By alerting staff when guests are unsatisfied

Send real-time alerts to staff whenever the satisfaction drops at a certain table and gather data about the alerted situation. Automated alerts through app or integrate in your existing PoS system.

Get more 5-star review scores

By requesting only satisfied guests for an online review

Let our smart sensor & A.I. technology effectively rank ALL of your guests based on satisfaction level while they're still visiting . Ask only satisfied customers for an online review or sign up to your loyalty program.


Real-time actionable means being able to act during the customer's visit. Activate staff to make sure customers leave satisfied, dont post a bad online review and are more likely to become a return customer.

100% coverage

Our solution requires zero effort from the guest thereby covering nearly100% of the customer population. That means you get insightful customer intelligence without any hassle and without bothering your guests.


Research has shown that survey respondents do not always provide honest feedback. Our acoustic smart sensor solution picks up even the slightest emotional cues providing unbiased and honest feedback.

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About Viqal

What we do

We make emotional AI. Not just because we like it (we do) or because we can, but because there is a need for it. Service-oriented organizations with physical spaces where people come together need to continuously evaluate how their customers, visitors or guests feel about the service(s) they offer. The vibe, mood, sentiment or satisfaction are crucial for many organizations, especially in hospitality.

How we do it

In most places where people come together they tend to speak. The human voice is one of the most versatile ways in which we communicate, it carries a wealth of information. Besides the context of words, speech is used to convey emotion such as happiness. Our innovative AI is trained to recognize sentiment of groups of people speaking, in a completely privacy-friendly way by detecting so called "para-linguistics".

Our mission

Our mission is to connect the digital and the physical world through 1 million smart sensors by 2030 so we can make spaces, buildings, cities and urban areas more inclusive, safe and resilient.

Our vision

A world in which physical spaces perfectly suit the needs of the humans that visit them.


Daniel Formolo
Co-founder & CTO
Bram Haenraets
Co-founder & CEO
Marcelo Resmini
Co-founder & CPO
Mauricio Libardoni
Software Engineer
Nikolay Nikolov
MLOps Engineer
Jamie Tan

Advisory board

Robbert Jan Hanse
CEO of Holland Startup
Ian Wilson
CEO of Wilson Innovation labs
Steef Klop
Ex-Partner PWC

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