Measure guest sentiment in your restaurant(s)

100% effortless, no guest action needed
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Restaurant managers rarely know if their guests are unsatisfied


Of unsatisfied restaurant guests never complain during the restaurant visit

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Less negative online reviews

on average


Less customer churn

on average

Effectively improve your business with real-time guest feedback

Prevent bad reviews

Fix bad situations in real-time and prevent bad reviews. Set alerts for significant changes in guest satisfaction level.

Uncover pain points

Dive deeper in your restaurant's guest satisfaction over time and see which venues, teams or staff members (under)perform.

Performance benchmark

Automated and easy to read performance data for reporting, personnel motivation or deeper analytics & reviews.

Future-proof guest feedback

Existing alternatives are hindsight and require an action from the guest


Review scrapers

Smiley terminals


No guest action needed

In real-time

100% coverage

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