Conversational AI for Hotels

The Future of Guest Communication

Automate guest inquiries along the entire guest journey

Natural conversations powered by AI in 130+ languages

Reduce overhead costs and increase revenue

Virtual Assistant for hotels automates simple guest inquiries and autonomously personalizes each guest interaction from pre-arrival to post-departure.

Trusted by great companies

Hotel Conversational AI: Automate the guest journey

Delight guests with convenient 24/7 communication along the entire hotel guest journey.

Viqal virtual concierge for hotels automates the entire guest journey.


Conversational AI for hotels is designed to handle reservation changes with ease and offers guests a hassle-free way to adjust their bookings.

Reduce reservation change inquiries by phone and email

Viqal's Virtual Concierge significantly reduces reservation changes via phone and email by 60%, enabling hotel staff to focus more on personal guest service and less on administrative tasks.

Digital check in and check out

Offer guests a swift, contactless check in procedure directly from their devices, eliminating the need for front desk interactions. This not only enhances guest convenience and safety but also streamlines hotel operations and reduces staff workload.

Quick service recovery

Quickly address in-stay service issues. It assesses and autonomously resolves room problems or swiftly contacts the appropriate department for rapid resolution, ensuring guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Increase upselling

During a guest's stay, Viqal's Hotel Concierge skillfully identifies opportunities for in-stay upselling, offering personalized recommendations that enhance the guest experience while driving additional revenue for the hotel.


Viqal’s Conversational AI for Hotels quickly connects guests with the right maintenance support, ensuring rapid resolution of any in-room problem.


Conversational AI with Viqal's Virtual Concierge. The most advanced Conversational AI for hotels.

Gather guest feedback

Post-stay, Viqal's Hotel Concierge gathers feedback and guests can also be encouraged to leave reviews, aiding in service improvement and enhancing guest experiences for future stays.

Increase loyalty signups

After guests' stays, the system proactively offers loyalty program signups, showcasing benefits and personalized incentives. This strategy enhances customer retention and fosters long-term guest relationships.

The best way to reach your guests

Your guests love convenience: Whatsapp has the highest opening rates of any communication channel.

Leveraging WhatsApp's impressive 98% open rates, we ensure swift and efficient communication, simplifying how guests receive answers, modify bookings, and manage reservations or online check-ins and check-outs. Our AI technology operates around the clock, automatically engaging with guests from pre-arrival through post-departure, markedly easing the staff's workload.

Viqal's Virtual Concierge in a Whatsapp interface. The leading hotel chatbot.

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Viqal makes a two-way integration with PMS, CRM, and CRS systems, offering a unified solution for superior guest service and streamlined hotel management.

Integrate Viqal’s Virtual Concierge for hotels - the number one AI chatbot or Ai Virtual Concierge - with your hotel tech stack and PMS.

Key benefits

Save Time & Costs

Automate routine guest inquiries with 60%. By automating routine guest inquiries, staff can redirect their efforts towards tasks that require a human touch, optimizing workforce productivity.

More upsell revenue

Increase revenue per booking by up to 6%. Viqal’s up-selling enriches guest stays and drives increased revenue through personalized service offerings.

Happier Staff

Ease staff workload, reduces staff burnout and reduce staff turnover by automating repetitive tasks, leading to happier, more engaged employees.

Guest Satisfaction

Enables seamless, natural interactions for guests, improving their experience by providing immediate, precise assistance and personalized service.


Hotels are empowered to tailor their guest interactions to perfection. Staff can seamlessly take over chats when needed, striking a balance between automation and personal touch.


Keep track of messages automated and messages handled by staff. Know how much time you saved and how much up-sells the concierge made for you.

Set up within 1 hour

Set up of your virtual assistant is designed to be quick and straightforward, allowing hotels to integrate the system within 1 hour.

How it works

Register & set up

15 minutes

Begin by following the step-by-step instructions to set up your domain and input basic custom instructions tailored to your property's specific needs.

Connect PMS

15 minutes

Connect Viqal to your property management system. This integration is crucial for the system to access real-time data and function seamlessly.

Customization and Personalization

15 minutes

Customize tailored responses to meet specific guest inquiries and define boundaries for queries best handled by your team. Elevate service precision and maintain the personal touch.


15 minutes

Conduct a test run to ensure everything is working correctly. This step involves checking the system's responsiveness and accuracy in handling typical guest interactions and inquiries.

Step 5

Ongoing support


Our support team is ready to assist post-setup. Reach out to our technical support via email, phone, or live chat for any inquiries, ensuring a continuous, hassle-free user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the implementation take?

Less than 1 hour. If Viqal is already integrated with your Property Management System (PMS), the setup can be completed in less than an hour. For hotels requiring new PMS integration, please allow an additional 2-4 weeks. Our team ensures a smooth transition so you can quickly start enhancing your guest service experience.


What sets Viqal apart from other virtual assistants?

Viqal stands out by fully automating the guest inquiry process, from initiating natural conversations to PMS data entry, all without manual effort from staff. Our deep hotel tech know-how ensures seamless system integration, making guest interactions efficient and staff roles more strategic. Viqal offers compelling benefits:
  • Fully Autonomous Guest Communication in 130+ Languages: Viqal automates guest inquiry handling from initiating conversations to automatically triggering actions and data entry in your PMS. With the ability to automate interactions in over 130 languages, Viqal ensures that international guests receive assistance in their language of choice, significantly enhancing their experience and satisfaction.
  • 80% Reduction of routine guest inquiries: Viqal adeptly automates routine guest inquiries, such as reservation changes, including data entry in your PMS. This efficiency not only lowers overhead costs but also refocuses staff efforts on complex tasks and personalized guest services, streamlining hotel operations.
  • Seamless Integration and Personalized Guest Experience: Designed to smoothly integrate with your PMS, Viqal excels in automation and making guest interactions actionable. It autonomously inputs data into your systems, facilitating tasks like scheduling appointments and personalizing experiences based on guest preferences, such as dietary requirements, remembered throughout their stay.

Can Viqal integrate with my existing hotel systems?

Yes, Viqal is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of hotel systems and platforms, including PMS. This ensures a cohesive and efficient operational flow. If your specific PMS is not listed yet, please make a request and we can initiate the integration process.


What features will Viqal add to my existing tech stack?

Integrating Viqal with your existing tech stack augments your capabilities with a focused approach to guest communication through WhatsApp, the leading messaging platform. This integration ensures guests receive prompt, personalized communication at every stage of their journey, from booking to post-departure. Key features include:
  • Natural Conversations: Leveraging advanced AI technology, Viqal's Virtual Concierge engages guests in natural, lifelike conversations.
  • Welcome Messaging: Automated greetings and booking confirmations via WhatsApp as soon as a new booking is registered in your PMS.
  • Booking Changes: Reservation modifications automatically amended and inserted in PMS directly from the natural chat with a guest.
  • Room Upgrades: Automatic processing of upgrade requests.
  • Guest Inquiries: Automated handling of pre-arrival questions.
  • Feedback Gathering: Streamlined post-departure feedback collection directly through WhatsApp, fully automatic.
  • Staff forwarding: Forward more complex guest inquiries to staff.
  • Amenities: See all amenities with visualization and general info.
  • Early online check-in: Streamlining the arrival process, Viqal offers guests the convenience of early online check-in.
Viqal's targeted strategy enhances the guest experience with efficient, preferred communication methods.

How does Viqal handle data security and guest privacy?

Viqal prioritizes data security and guest privacy by adhering to stringent industry standards and best practices. The system is designed to ensure that all guest data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest, and complies with relevant regulations such as GDPR. Viqal employs regular security audits and updates to safeguard information against unauthorized access or breaches. By implementing these robust security measures, the integration maintains the integrity of your hotel's data and upholds the trust of your guests.


What kind of support and training does Viqal offer?

Viqal provides comprehensive support and training during the integration process to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Our support includes:
  • Dedicated Integration Specialist: A professional to guide you through the entire setup and integration process with your PMS provider.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Round-the-clock assistance for any technical issues that may arise, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Continuous Updates: Regular system updates with new features and improvements designed to work seamlessly with your existing tech stack, along with the necessary training and support for these updates.
Our goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and resources they need to leverage Viqal's full potential from day one.