Top 10 PMS for Business Hotels in Europe in 2024

Discover PMS Systems for Business Hospitality Across Europe

Discover PMS Systems for Business Hospitality Across Europe
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Bram Haenraets
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December 31, 2023
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In the competitive landscape of business hotels, where efficiency, connectivity, and tailored services are key, the role of a Property Management System (PMS) becomes crucial in enhancing the guest experience. A PMS in a business hotel setting is central to providing streamlined services, from speedy check-ins to facilitating meeting and conference arrangements. It supports hotels in offering services that are tailored to the needs of business travelers, such as high-speed internet access, business center facilities, and quick reservation handling.

Moreover, a PMS aids in the efficient management of hotel operations, crucial for the fast-paced environment of business hotels. This includes handling reservations, managing guest billing, and automating many back-office tasks, thus allowing staff to focus on providing attentive, personalized service to business travelers. In terms of revenue management, a PMS is invaluable in implementing strategies that optimize room rates and occupancy, essential for maximizing profitability in the business hotel sector.

Selecting the right PMS for a business hotel involves considering several key factors:

  • Efficiency and Speed: The system should streamline operations, enabling quick check-ins and check-outs to accommodate the busy schedules of business travelers.
  • Connectivity and Integration: Seamless integration with other business services, such as conference room booking systems and business center management tools.
  • Customized Business Services: Ability to support unique offerings of business hotels, like executive lounges, meeting facilities, and express services.
  • Scalability: Adapting to the growth and changing needs of the hotel, especially in terms of expanding business services and facilities.
  • Robust Revenue Management: Advanced tools for optimizing room rates and managing corporate accounts and travel agent partnerships.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Ensuring swift resolution of issues to maintain continuous and smooth hotel operations.
  • Effective Online Presence Management: Tools for managing online bookings and corporate accounts, crucial in the business travel market.
  • Enhancing Business Traveler Experience: Features that improve the overall experience of business travelers, from mobile check-in to customized room preferences.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Strict adherence to data protection standards, vital for managing the sensitive information of business clients.

These considerations ensure that the selected PMS not only streamlines hotel operations but also aligns with the specific needs and expectations of business travelers, enhancing their overall stay and experience.

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Selecting the best Property Management Systems (PMS) for business hotels in Europe involves finding solutions that cater to the unique requirements of business travelers, focusing on efficiency, integration, and tailored services. Here are the top 10 PMS options for business hotels in Europe:

1. Oracle Opera Cloud Service

Oracle Opera Cloud Service is renowned in the business hotel sector for its extensive range of comprehensive features and remarkable scalability, making it an ideal fit for business hotels with diverse operational needs and a high volume of business travelers. This cloud-based PMS excels in providing advanced solutions that cater to the fast-paced, efficiency-driven environment of business hotels, offering functionalities like rapid check-in/check-out, sophisticated room and facilities management, and seamless integration with conference and event booking systems. Its scalability ensures that it can accommodate the growing needs of large business hotels or hotel chains, adapting to increased guest volumes and evolving service requirements. Furthermore, Oracle Opera's robust integration capabilities allow for a smooth connection with various business-centric tools and platforms, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall guest experience. This combination of extensive features and scalability positions Oracle Opera Cloud Service as a top choice for business hotels in Europe seeking a comprehensive, reliable, and adaptable property management solution.

2. Amadeus Hospitality

Amadeus Hospitality is highly esteemed in the realm of business hotels for its robust functionality and superior integration capabilities, expertly catering to the intricate service requirements of this sector. This PMS stands out for its ability to streamline complex operations typical of business-oriented hotels, such as managing corporate events, high-volume bookings, and fast-paced guest services. The strength of Amadeus Hospitality lies in its comprehensive suite of features that seamlessly integrate various aspects of hotel management, from room and resource allocation to conference and banquet services. Its adaptability in integrating with other business tools and platforms makes it a valuable asset for hotels that cater to a business clientele, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and cohesive operational workflow. Amadeus Hospitality's focus on robust functionality and integration positions it as a highly effective solution for business hotels in Europe seeking a PMS that can adeptly handle their diverse and dynamic operational needs while delivering a high-quality guest experience.

3. Mews

Mews Systems is particularly celebrated in the business hotel industry for its modern interface and flexible integration capabilities, making it a perfect choice for business hotels that prioritize technology-driven guest experiences. This Property Management System is tailored for the contemporary needs of business travelers, offering streamlined online check-in and check-out, efficient room booking, and easy management of meeting facilities. The modernity of Mews Systems extends to its user experience, with an intuitive interface that simplifies complex operations, a key requirement for fast-paced business environments. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with various technological tools and platforms, such as conference scheduling systems and CRM software, enhances the operational efficiency of business hotels. This integration is crucial in delivering a cohesive and smooth experience to business travelers, who often rely on technology for both convenience and productivity. Mews Systems' blend of a modern interface, advanced functionalities, and integration flexibility makes it an ideal PMS for business hotels in Europe looking to leverage technology to enhance their service and operational efficiency.

4. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is highly regarded in the business hotel sector for its user-friendly, all-in-one Property Management System that comes with strong integration capabilities, making it suitable for business hotels in need of streamlined operations. This PMS excels in consolidating various aspects of hotel management into a single, cohesive platform, including efficient room booking, event management, and guest services. Its intuitive interface is particularly beneficial for business hotels, where quick and efficient service is paramount. Cloudbeds' ability to integrate seamlessly with other essential business tools and platforms, such as meeting room scheduling systems and corporate account management, facilitates a smooth operational flow. This integration ensures that business hotels can efficiently manage the diverse needs of their corporate clientele, from organizing conferences to handling individual guest requests. The combination of an all-encompassing feature set, user-friendly design, and robust integration capabilities makes Cloudbeds a fitting and effective PMS choice for business hotels in Europe seeking to optimize their operations while maintaining high standards of guest service.

5. Protel Air

Protel Air stands out in the business hotel industry as a cloud-based solution renowned for its strong support and exceptional integration capabilities, making it an ideal choice for business hotels focused on achieving operational efficiency through technology. This Property Management System is designed to cater to the fast-paced, tech-oriented needs of business hotels, offering features like real-time room booking, efficient guest management, and seamless handling of corporate events. The cloud-based nature of Protel Air ensures flexibility and accessibility, key for business hotels that operate around the clock and often require remote access to management tools. Its integration capabilities are particularly noteworthy, as Protel Air can easily connect with various business-centric platforms and tools, streamlining operations and enhancing guest service efficiency. This integration is crucial for business hotels that need to harmonize different aspects of their services, from conference room management to corporate client handling. Protel Air's blend of cloud flexibility, robust support, and integration potential makes it a highly suitable PMS for business hotels in Europe seeking to leverage advanced technology for improved operational efficiency and guest service quality.

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6. Hotelogix PMS

Hotelogix PMS is notably recognized in the European business hotel sector for its effective balance between cost and functionality. This Property Management System offers a comprehensive range of features packaged in a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for business hotels of varying sizes. Hotelogix is designed to efficiently manage core hotel operations such as room reservations, guest check-ins and check-outs, and event scheduling, all crucial for the smooth running of a business hotel. The system's affordability makes it particularly appealing to smaller or mid-sized business hotels that require a full suite of features without a significant financial burden. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of Hotelogix ensures that hotel staff, regardless of their technical expertise, can easily navigate and utilize the system, thereby facilitating quick and efficient guest service. This combination of cost-effectiveness, a wide array of functionalities, and ease of use positions Hotelogix as a versatile and practical PMS choice for business hotels in Europe looking for an efficient, cost-effective solution to manage their operational needs.

7. eZee FrontDesk

eZee FrontDesk is highly valued by business hotels in Europe for its well-balanced approach, offering a comprehensive suite of features within an easy-to-use interface. This Property Management System is particularly suited for business hotels seeking an all-encompassing solution to manage their diverse operational needs. eZee FrontDesk streamlines essential hotel functions such as efficient booking processes, guest management, and event coordination, all vital for the smooth operation of a business hotel. Its user-friendly design is a significant advantage, ensuring that hotel staff can quickly adapt to and effectively manage the system, which is crucial in the fast-paced environment of business hotels. Additionally, eZee FrontDesk provides robust functionality for various aspects of hotel management, from handling corporate accounts to scheduling business conferences, making it a comprehensive tool for these specialized establishments. The combination of an intuitive interface, extensive features, and overall ease of use makes eZee FrontDesk a preferred PMS choice for business hotels in Europe looking for a reliable, efficient, and complete property management solution.

8. InnQuest RoomMaster

InnQuest RoomMaster is highly acclaimed in the business hotel industry across Europe for its robust functionality and excellent scalability, making it a suitable choice for business hotels catering to diverse and evolving business traveler needs. This Property Management System offers an extensive range of features that adeptly handle the complex demands of business hotels, such as managing high-volume corporate bookings, facilitating conference and event planning, and providing efficient guest services. RoomMaster's ability to scale is particularly beneficial for business hotels that experience fluctuations in guest volume or need to expand their services to meet changing market demands. The system's comprehensive functionality ensures that even the most intricate operations are streamlined, enhancing the efficiency and quality of guest services. This adaptability, combined with a wide array of advanced features, positions InnQuest RoomMaster as a top choice for business hotels in Europe looking for a PMS that can effectively support their dynamic operational needs while maintaining high standards of service for business travelers.

9. Sirvoy

Sirvoy is recognized for providing a cost-effective solution tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized business hotels in Europe. This Property Management System encompasses essential features that facilitate efficient hotel management, making it an ideal choice for establishments that require effectiveness without a large investment. Sirvoy is particularly adept at managing key aspects of business hotel operations, such as streamlined booking processes, guest check-ins and check-outs, and basic event management, all essential for the smooth functioning of a business-oriented hotel. The system's cost-effectiveness is a significant draw, especially for smaller hotels that need to balance budget constraints with the provision of high-quality service. Additionally, its straightforward and user-friendly interface ensures that hotel staff can easily navigate and utilize the system, an important factor in the fast-paced environment of business hotels. Sirvoy's combination of affordability, essential features, and ease of use makes it a suitable and practical PMS choice for small to medium-sized business hotels in Europe seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution for their operational needs.

10. Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere has emerged as a popular choice for business hotels in Europe, particularly valued for its cloud-based Property Management System that is easy to set up and use. This PMS is especially well-suited for business hotels that may have limited IT resources but need to maintain a high level of efficiency in guest services. The cloud-based nature of Frontdesk Anywhere offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing hotel staff to manage operations from any location, which is crucial for the dynamic and fast-paced environment of business hotels. It provides essential functionalities required for smooth hotel operations, including reservation management, guest check-in and check-out processes, and efficient handling of business services like meeting room bookings. The ease of use and minimal setup requirements make it an ideal solution for business hotels that require a straightforward yet effective system to manage their day-to-day operations, ensuring they can continue to provide high-quality service to their business clientele without the need for extensive technical infrastructure.

These PMS options are selected for their ability to efficiently manage the specific needs of business hotels, such as quick check-ins/outs, efficient reservation management, and seamless integration with other business services, enhancing the overall experience of business travelers.

Why Viqal is the best Guest Communication platform to integrate with your tech stack

When integrated with your existing systems, Viqal offers three compelling benefits:

  1. Autonomous Guest Communication in 130+ Languages: Viqal revolutionizes guest communication with its ability to automate interactions in over 130 languages. This capability ensures that international guests receive assistance in their language of choice, significantly enhancing their experience and satisfaction.
  2. 80% Reduction in Manual Handling of Simple Inquiries: Viqal adeptly automates routine inquiries, such as reservation changes, leading to an 80% reduction in manual handling. This efficiency not only lowers overhead costs but also refocuses staff efforts on complex tasks and personalized guest services, streamlining hotel operations.
  3. Seamless Integration and Personalized Guest Experiences: Designed to smoothly integrate with existing hotel systems, Viqal excels in making guest interactions actionable. It autonomously inputs data into your systems, facilitating tasks like scheduling appointments and personalizing experiences based on guest preferences, such as dietary requirements, remembered throughout their stay.

In conclusion, Viqal can help your luxury hotel boost operational efficiency and offer a highly personalized, top-tier guest experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key functionalities of a modern PMS?

Today's PMS platforms integrate seamlessly with other hotel systems, automate operational tasks, and offer mobile accessibility and cloud-based solutions. They centralize and streamline various hotel operations, including front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and revenue management. Modern PMS also enhances communication between departments and provides real-time data for operational excellence and guest experience.


What future trends are expected in PMS technology?

Future trends in PMS technology focus on enhancing connectivity, guest experience, and operational efficiency. Innovations will likely include AI and machine learning for personalized experiences and predictive analytics, IoT integration for better room management, mobile-first approaches, cloud-based platforms for enhanced security and scalability, and advancements in contactless and self-service technologies for improved guest satisfaction.


Can I integrate automated guest communication with my PMS?

Yes, Viqal is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of hotel systems and platforms, including PMS. This ensures a cohesive and efficient operational flow. If your specific PMS is not listed yet, please make a request and we can initiate the integration process.