Top 15 Self Service Hotel Amenities

Transforming Guest Experiences with Innovative Self-Service Technologies

Transforming Guest Experiences with Innovative Self-Service Technologies
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Bram Haenraets
Article update
February 1, 2024
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In an age where convenience and efficiency are paramount, the hospitality industry is witnessing a transformative shift towards self-service technologies. This evolution not only enhances the guest experience but also streamlines operations, opening new avenues for personalized service and engagement. Let's dive into the current state of self-service technologies in hotels and explore the potential of virtual assistants, such as Viqal's virtual concierge, in redefining guest interactions.

Guest Inquiries

Imagine having a concierge available at any hour, ready to answer any question from "What's the Wi-Fi password?" to "Where's the nearest coffee shop?" Virtual assistants provide immediate responses to guest inquiries, elevating the standard of convenience and personalized service in the hotel industry.


Exploring hotel amenities becomes an adventure in itself with self-service technologies. Guests can discover and book everything from spa treatments to dinner reservations at their own pace, guided by intuitive platforms that suggest experiences aligned with their interests and past preferences.


The art of upselling transforms with self-service technologies, as virtual concierges skillfully recommend upgrades and additional services. This personalized approach not only enhances the guest's stay but also opens new revenue streams for hotels, marrying convenience with profitability.

Early Online Check-In

The freedom to check in online before even stepping foot in the hotel offers guests unprecedented control over their arrival experience. This convenience, facilitated by self-service technology, allows travelers to bypass traditional check-in procedures, diving straight into their adventure or relaxation.

Booking Changes

The dynamic nature of travel is fully accommodated by self-service technologies, enabling guests to modify bookings with ease. Whether it's a change of date or a room upgrade, these platforms offer a seamless, stress-free process for tailoring travel plans.

Airport Self-Service

The journey to relaxation often begins at the airport, where self-service kiosks revolutionize the check-in and baggage drop experience. These kiosks alleviate the stress of airport formalities, ensuring travelers can focus on the excitement of their upcoming stay, not the hassles of departure.


The ubiquity of ATMs as a self-service technology illustrates the profound impact of autonomous service solutions in our daily lives. Providing guests with easy access to cash, ATMs represent the convenience and independence that modern travelers seek, mirrored in the self-service options hotels now offer.

Hotel Automated Service

The evolution of hotel service now includes automated check-ins and customer service chatbots, offering a smooth transition from the digital world to the comfort of a hotel room. This blend of technology streamlines the guest experience, ensuring that every stay is marked by ease and accessibility.

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Self-Ordering Technology in Restaurants

Self-ordering kiosks in hotel restaurants and cafes redefine dining experiences, allowing guests to browse menus, customize orders, and make payments without waiting. This technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers guests to curate their dining experiences according to their preferences.

Self-Service Gas Station

For guests embarking on road trips or needing a quick refill, the convenience of self-service gas stations near hotels offers a glimpse into the seamless integration of self-service technologies in every aspect of travel, ensuring freedom and flexibility on the go.

Self-Service Parking

Automated parking systems simplify what can often be a frustrating aspect of travel, allowing guests to check in and out of hotel parking lots with ease. This convenience ensures a smooth start and end to every journey, highlighting the holistic approach of hotels to guest service.

Post Office Technologies

The digital transformation reaches even traditional services like postal delivery, where self-service kiosks in hotels allow guests to send postcards and parcels without the wait. This nod to convenience and nostalgia alike enriches the guest experience, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Supermarket Kiosk

The inclusion of self-service supermarket kiosks within or near hotels caters to the needs of guests preferring to dine in their rooms or grab a quick snack, embodying the self-sufficient, personalized travel experience today's guests desire.

Museum and Art Gallery Kiosks

Interactive kiosks in museums and galleries provide guests with enriching experiences through self-guided tours and information at their fingertips. Hotels adopting this technology for their own art collections or local guides offer guests an enhanced cultural experience, seamlessly integrated into their stay.

Ticketing Kiosks

The convenience of ticketing kiosks for local attractions, found in hotel lobbies, empowers guests to plan their itineraries and secure tickets to events and shows, ensuring that every moment of their stay is maximized for enjoyment and exploration.

Through these self-service technologies, hotels are not just accommodating the modern traveler's desire for convenience and autonomy; they are redefining the hospitality experience. By integrating digital solutions like Viqal's virtual concierge with traditional hospitality values, hotels are creating a new paradigm of guest service that is both personal and efficient, ensuring that every stay is memorable, stress-free, and uniquely tailored to each guest's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can integrating a virtual concierge service benefit my hotel?

Integrating a virtual concierge service enhances guest satisfaction by offering 24/7 assistance, streamlines operations, reduces staff workload, and can increase revenue through upselling and personalized recommendations.


What is required to implement a virtual concierge in my hotel?

Implementing a virtual concierge requires a compatible property management system (PMS), internet access, and devices (like tablets or smartphones) for guest use if not using their own. Training for staff to manage the system and respond to escalated queries is also necessary.


Can the virtual concierge handle special requests from guests?

Yes, the virtual concierge can be programmed to handle a wide range of special requests, from dietary needs to transportation arrangements. Complex requests can be forwarded to staff for personal handling, ensuring guest needs are met efficiently.