About Us

What drives us

We are driven by a passion for hospitality and a desire to drive change in how hospitality businesses use data and technology to provide the best possible guest experience. Our founders have years of experience in hospitality, tech and entrepreneurship and have seen firsthand the challenges that businesses face when it comes to utilizing technology and data effectively.

Our mission is to help hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses thrive by leveraging the power of technology and data. We are on a mission to help hospitality businesses make informed decisions that will lead to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

We are excited to be at the forefront of this industry and to help shape the future of hospitality.

Who are we?

Viqal is an Amsterdam based startup founded by three founders with a shared passion for technology, innovation and, most importantly, hospitality.

We have customers in Europe and Singapore and even though our homebase is Amsterdam, our people can work from anywhere in the world, we have a healthy balance between working from home and from the office.

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Our Values


Always think from a customer's perspective


We are here to disrupt and push an industry forward


Our diverse team is what keeps this business on top


Our people thrive, individually and as a team