Top 10 Pre-arrival Hotel Guest Inquiries

Elevate Pre-Arrival Guest Satisfaction and Streamline Hotel Operations

Elevate Pre-Arrival Guest Satisfaction and Streamline Hotel Operations
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Bram Haenraets
Article update
February 26, 2024
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Navigating guest inquiries before their arrival is an art form that can significantly enhance the guest experience. When guests reach out with questions after booking but before arriving, it's a prime opportunity for hotels to showcase their commitment to exceptional service. Here's a list of the top 10 pre-arrival inquiries that every hotelier should be ready to address, ensuring guests feel welcomed and well-informed from the get-go.

1. Transportation to the Hotel

"How do I get to you?" is a question as old as travel itself. Guests often inquire about the best way to reach the hotel from the airport, train station, or driving directions. Providing detailed, easy-to-follow instructions or arranging transportation services can set the tone for a seamless guest experience. A virtual concierge can provide guests with personalized transportation options based on their location. Whether it's offering a detailed guide on public transport routes, booking private transfers, or providing navigation for those driving, the virtual concierge makes arriving at your hotel seamless and stress-free.

2. Reservation Changes

Life happens, and with it, plans change. Guests may need to modify their booking dates, room types, or guest numbers. A flexible and understanding approach to reservation changes can turn a potentially stressful situation into an opportunity to demonstrate your hotel's commitment to guest satisfaction. With a virtual concierge, modifying a booking becomes a hassle-free process. Guests can easily request changes to their reservation through the platform, whether it's adjusting dates, upgrading rooms, or altering guest numbers, all without needing to call the front desk.

3. Early Check-In Requests

After a long journey, the comfort of a hotel room is a welcome sight. Many guests inquire about the possibility of checking in early to rest and refresh. While it's not always possible to guarantee early check-ins, offering to store luggage or providing access to hotel amenities can make a big difference. While early check-in might not always be guaranteed, a virtual concierge can manage expectations and offer alternatives. It can notify guests in real-time about the status of their room and, if early check-in isn't available, suggest local cafes or attractions to explore in the meantime.

4. Breakfast Additions

"Can I add breakfast to my stay?" This is a common question, especially from guests who value the convenience of starting their day within the hotel. Being able to accommodate last-minute breakfast additions or changes showcases the hotel's flexibility and dedication to guest needs. Adding breakfast to a reservation is made simple with a virtual concierge. Guests can select their breakfast options through the platform, customize their meal according to dietary preferences, and even choose a time slot for dining, all of which are communicated directly to the hotel staff.

5. General FAQs

A catch-all category, general FAQs can range from "Do you have Wi-Fi?" to "Can I bring my pet?" Having a comprehensive FAQ section on your website is great, but personalizing responses to these inquiries can add a touch of warmth to the pre-arrival interaction. A virtual concierge acts as a 24/7 information desk where guests can get answers to their FAQs. From Wi-Fi passwords to pet policies, the platform can offer instant responses to common questions, reducing wait times and freeing up hotel staff to attend to other duties.

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6. Parking Availability

For guests arriving by car, questions about parking options, costs, and security are top of mind. Providing clear information on parking can ease concerns and make guests feel more at ease about their arrival. Information about parking can be easily accessed through the virtual concierge. It can provide details on location, security measures, costs, and even reserve a parking spot for the guest, ensuring they arrive with peace of mind about the safety and location of their vehicle.

7. Local Attractions and Recommendations

Curiosity about the local area often prompts guests to ask for recommendations on dining, shopping, and attractions. This is your chance to highlight the uniqueness of your location and partnerships with local businesses. Leveraging local knowledge, a virtual concierge can offer personalized recommendations for dining, shopping, and attractions. It can book reservations, provide directions, and even offer special deals or partnerships with local businesses, enhancing the guest's experience of the local culture and offerings.

8. Accessibility Features

Guests with disabilities or those traveling with family members who have special needs often inquire about the hotel's accessibility features. Information on accessible rooms, facilities, and services should be readily available and detailed. For guests requiring information on accessibility, the virtual concierge can provide detailed descriptions of accessible facilities, available services, and how the hotel can meet specific needs, ensuring all guests can navigate their stay with comfort and ease.

9. Spa and Leisure Facilities

For those looking to relax and unwind, questions about the hotel's spa, pool, and leisure facilities are common. Details on how to book treatments, opening hours, and any special packages will be appreciated. Booking spa treatments or inquiring about leisure facilities is straightforward with a virtual concierge. Guests can explore available services, book appointments, and see up-to-date availability for facilities like the pool or gym, all within the platform.

10. Safety and Health Protocols

In today's travel climate, guests are more conscious than ever about health and safety standards. Providing upfront information about the measures your hotel is taking can reassure guests and build trust before they even step through the door. In an era where health and safety are paramount, a virtual concierge can offer transparent and up-to-date information on the hotel's health protocols. This includes cleaning schedules, social distancing measures, and any requirements for guests, ensuring they feel secure throughout their stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does a virtual concierge improve guest satisfaction?

A virtual concierge transforms the pre-arrival experience by offering personalized, instant responses to common inquiries such as transportation options, reservation changes, and local recommendations. This level of service ensures guests feel valued and well-informed, setting the stage for a memorable stay.


What are the key benefits of implementing a virtual concierge in my hotel?

Implementing a virtual concierge can significantly improve operational efficiency by automating guest communications and freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Additionally, it enhances guest satisfaction by providing 24/7 support, personalized recommendations, and the convenience of managing their stay through a digital platform.


Can a virtual concierge accommodate special requests?

Yes, it can handle a wide range of requests, from accessibility needs to dietary preferences, ensuring all guests have a seamless experience.